Lady Justice


How do we know what justice is? Do we desire justice? Are we really seeking revenge or payback? Can we handle a just outcome? Lawyers should be asking these questions, but for them, it is mostly about aggressively advocating for the rights of their clients. Writers have a much better chance of illuminating justice. But what is justice really? Is it only – my side wins, or might makes right? Most of us feel it is more complex than that. I can say that most of us don’t think about it a whole lot until an injustice comes into our lives. At that moment, it may seem all too clear what justice is. However, that begs the question. If we don’t know what justice is, can we also not know what an injustice is? Fortunately, we have laws. Justice could just be dictated by the laws we have. But any losing side in a court case will say that the outcome was unjust. Can we say anything about justice? First off, it is an ideal. A just world would be utopia. I believe God has His hands full in trying to run a just world. If it’s just an ideal, then what’s the point? Just because we can’t have perfect justice, do we become cynical choosing not to even think about it? For my part, I like to tell stories of justice. Witnessing someone achieve justice in his own eye is an awesome sight. This is especially true if the road has been long and winding. My stories are like that.

Now available in paperback and Kindle, City Boy