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Everyone is a Star

Out at the table in the dining hall the staff was bringing trays of pancakes, sausages, and scrambled eggs in to serve to the patients.

“This food is pretty good for hospital food,” said one of the women at the table where Marsha and Sara sat.

“I don’t need food,” said one of the men. “My stomach is made out of metal. If anything, I need oil.”

“Then why are you eating?” asked a woman.

“Just to please the doctors,” he said.

“Oh my God,” said Marsha, breaking right out of her quiet mode. “These people are crazy ‘round here.” Marsha shocked Sara.

Swiftly a nurse walked over to the table. “There will not be any name calling here. Do you hear?”

“I can’t help it,” said Marsha.

Sara just looked straight at the nurse and said, “My friend can’t help it. She’s got a right…”

“You have no right to berate one of your peers.”

“I ain’t no peer of some metal man,” said Marsha.

“Calm down now,” said Sara. “You’ll get in trouble.” Marsha had two sides to her Sara slowly began to understand. She was not little Miss Perfect.


Lady Justice