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Four Friends in a Life depicts the cohesiveness and loyalty that these four average men have developed which gives them camaraderie that sustains them.

Coming & Going is the story of a family that finds itself in the unique situation of hosting a long-term, privacy-invading, uncomfortable searching by a documenter of family life, whereby the family is in the limelight with no curtains.

Her Beauty Changed is about a comely woman who falls into the modeling world and faces a life-changing affair.

Escaping the System is the dark comedy of a group home Inhabited by polar opposite groups and the demise of the one and the celebration of the other.

DuDa takes place on a psych ward with Dr. Asbestos in and out of control of the patients.

Offer & Acceptance takes on the issue of the culpability of a person out of control of his mind. Does this person really belong in the criminal system.


Lady Justice