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Changing WaysA battle between a father/Manhattan Mental Health Court Judge, and a daughter/young woman with mental illness, rages until there is a miraculous recovery and reconciliation.

Everyone is a StarBob Dylan is a black blues player whose fan becomes his lawyer. Meantime, the lawyer's daughter is having severe mental health issues. The lawyer is torn between his loyalty to the musician and his responsibility as a father.

City BoyA Coming of Age, the Prodigal Son, a mental odyssey , all these describe the story of a boy growing up in Minneapolis in the 60’s and 70’s.

Help from Above, Push from Below, Fight for the Middle
Bruce Ario

After sustaining a severe blow to the head, Brad Schmitt's world drastically changes. He must adapt to troubling thoughts, pain in his mind, and changing relationships with family and friends.

He is diagnosed with schizophrenia and muddles through his new life with little satisfaction until he reaches Thumbs Up. It is an organization that puts those with debilitating mental illnesses to work and provides a roof over their heads.

Brad seizes his new-found opportunity with the playing field now leveled. He becomes a leader at work, joins a church, and buys a condo.

This success has all come after many doctors had written him off. His recovery, which he attributes to the mental health organization, Thumbs Up, is nothing short of a miracle. In his life, he had experienced total disenfranchisement to the point of being homeless. By the end of the story he has gained many of the trappings of a middle-class life.

More importantly, he has stayed true to himself. A revelation with an angel has brought him new life and a challenge to live up to God's expectations of him. Brad does this through determination and guidance of many teachers along the way. In the end Brad knows the difference between right and wrong, and he has chosen to do what's right. This is his justice which fulfills his life.

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